Creative people, artists, are among the most generous people in the world. You may not believe it because they prefer to be by themselves, and they need more solitude and silence to work in their creations. However, nobody exposes herself so much as an artist does.

Just a moment ago, I have lifted my eyes from my laptop screen and looked at the wall in front of me. Pinned to it is a reproduction of Raoul Dufy’s “The Artist Studio“. It’s as if the artist opened the door to his most private room, and let us in to have a look at his unfinished paintings, at his life as an artist. Isn’t that generous of him? Because, how many chances do we get to visit a famous painter’s studio?

These days, I am also rereading one of my favourite books on creativity: Eric Maisel’s “A Writer’s Paris“. What we have here is someone sharing with us his life as a writer in Paris: the places he loves to write in, the museums, shops, cafés, and street markets he likes to visit, his writing blocks, his family life, his moments of doubt and his moments of triumph. Isn’t that generous of him? I know many families whose members don’t share as much personal information as Mr. Maisel shares with us in his book.

It’s the same with actors getting “naked” in front of their audiences, or singers singing about lost love (remember “Songs about Jane” by Maroon 5?). The thing is that artists decide to be generous with their emotions, perceptions, visions and ideas. They choose to expose themselves to their public’s judgements, knowing that such judgements can be really harsh.

Because of those acts of generosity, art and artists should be respected. You may think the story is rubbish or that your five-year-old nephew could draw better landscapes, but you can’t deny that artists have to be brave to expose themselves as they do. Overcoming their doubts and fears about being judged by us is truly generous.



6 thoughts on “Generous Artists

      1. Ah yes, so true! With bravery and generousity we are rewarded far more deeply than one might realise…. I love the way you’ve put this “as they defy their limits and their fear of being criticised, their artistic insight deepens”…

        A great insight. Your powers of insight match your artistic expression via words!


  1. You’re so right! I never thought of it quite this way before. Bravery and generosity of spirit are definitely linked…

    I’ll be encouraging my little ones to take more artistic endeavours with your post in mind now.

    Thank you!!!


    1. What a lovely comment. Nothing inspires me more than being able to inspire others!
      Sensible bravery is one of the more useful lessons you can teach a kid. In this super-competitive world, where all is seen in terms or winners, loosers, right or wrong, telling a young one that well-considered risks are OK to take will open a whole world of freedom for them. 🙂


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